The Wild Core The Wild Core

Stepping into my first yoga class in 2012 initiated a process of shedding the many layers of an image that I had created of myself. An inward journey–a journey of becoming aware and unlearning at the same time. An outward journey–from frantic Berlin city life, to one year living in an Ashram, into bold nature–and back.

Being born into a world that is driven by money and by destructive behaviour towards ourselves and this beautiful planet that we are sharing with so many other precious beings; not being able to comprehend these destructive ways of interacting, I started questioning the way we are as humans from a young age.

My journey has been about freedom and peace from the beginning. Yoga and meditation became the tools that enabled me to look inward, to get to know myself and showed me that every transformation starts from within, that all healing comes from within and that all potential to initiate healing lies already within us.

So all that my work is, is to create spaces that allow us to enter within and meet our Self, our

Wild Core
through: yoga, meditation, various self-awareness and community-building methods, sound, movement, touch,
honestly facing each other and sharing from the heart